Penang Art Society is the oldest art society in Malaysia. The society has been acting as a platform for artists to display their creativity and to promote local art in Malaysia. Taking advantage of the Asian art boom, the society is aiming to not only promote art locally but also to unite all Malaysian artists and to expose Malaysian art to the world.


"A good piece of art work will be at a disadvantaged if it is not properly promoted. This is why mediums such as the Penang Art Society played a crucial role as it has unceasingly facilitated and tirelessly promoted Malaysian art works."

Dr Mohd Najib Ahmad Dawa
Director General
Malaysia National Art Galery


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Welcome The Penang Art Society caters for those who appreciate all forms of art including, fine art, calligraphy, poetry, music, photography, bonsai, feng shui and stone carving.

About Us

About UsThe Penang Art Society is the oldest art society in Malaysia. Today, the society has about 300 members and still growing rapidly strong.
Making Headlines
The Official Launch of the 'PenangArtSociety@56'

'PenangArtSociety@56' is the new Penang Art Society magazine that brands and promotes Malaysian art and culture as a whole. The magazine shares all participating artists' art vision with the rest of the world hoping it is the best way for the Malaysian art scene to move on to the next level. Download the magazine now for FREE!


Penang Art Society 55th Anniversary

The Penang Art Society celebrated its 55th anniversary in style recently. The purpose of organizing these art exhibition and dinner were to bring together artists, collectors, curators, promoters and art lovers that share the same ideals and principles to foster better ties to collectively work together to promote Malaysian art internationally.

Penang Art Society

A historical report by Dato Koh Wee Khian

In the mid-19th century, the early Chinese who first came to Penang as laborers were involved in agriculture and trade. After accumulating some wealth and leading a steady livelihood, they invited artisans from China to built houses, temples and clan houses based on the traditional Chinese style.


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Latest Event 2015

PENANG ART SOCIETY @ 62 Appreciation Night 2015

Penang Art Society at 62 Appreciation Night

Date : 8 Aug 2015 (Saturday) 7.30pm
Venue : Cititel Hotel Perdana Ballroom

(International Women Artists Exhibition)


Date : 5 - 20 Aug 2015
Venue : Penang State Art Gallery